Project Description

This Mobile Pharmacy provides a three-room facility. It includes a large ISO 7 Ante Room, an ISO 7 Non-Hazardous Drug (Non-HD) Buffer Room that is USP 797 compliant, and an ISO 7 Hazardous Drug (HD) Buffer Room that is USP 800 compliant. The mobile facility comes equipped with two laminar workflow hoods in the Non-HD Buffer Room and two Biological Safety Cabinets in the HD Buffer Room. It also comes equipped with BACNet capability for remote monitoring of pressure, temperature, and humidity. 

With the adoption of USP 800, Odulair Mobile Pharmacy Units provides the flexibility for a facility to maintain a Pharmacy during renovations and utilize the unit to provide on-site services. 

Phoenix Design Group enjoyed working with Odulair to design a mobile USP 800 & USP 797 Pharmacy that can located anywhere in the United States.