Project Description

The new 360,000 GSF interdivisional research building combines Biology, Molecular Biology, and Medical Research. The building provides a programmatic link between Arts & Sciences at the Stevenson Science Center and the Vanderbilt Medical Center. It fosters collaborative research for the first time in the areas of Genetics, Development Biology, Neuroscience, and Biophysical Science. The new and renovated portions of the project function as on research community, linked by the sunlit, nine-story atrium.

The project was built/expanded above the existing Vanderbilt campus and medical center loading dock and integrated an existing 85,000 GSF building(Learned Laboratory). The facility includes anine-story atrium with appropriate smoke evacuation, the renovation of the Learned Laboratory, and a 6,000 GSF greenhouse used for research and teaching.

Unique to this facility was the use of air-to-air heat recovery coupled with the variable airflow tracking HVAC system. The flexibility of the building HVAC and electrical system design was evidence when the Proteomics Lab was built-out on the ninth floor. The entire HVAC system associated with the Learned Lab existing building was upgraded to the variable airflow tracking HVAC system complete with replacement of all central air handing equipment.