Project Description

A new six-story acute care hospital containing an atrium and 440,000 GSF of Radiology/diagnostic department, surgical suite including 12-ORs, 2 Open Heart Rooms, 2 Laminar Flow Ortho ORs, dietary, main laboratory area, satellite pathology laboratory for surgery, Emergency Department, intensive care and patient care areas.

The building design utilized several innovative air-handling units which greatly minimized the mechanical room space requirements and accomplished a building design noise criterion of under 35. Smoke evacuation for the 5-story atrium was analyzed and designed using a finite element computer model to predict pressure differentials and smoke boundary layer formation. The central powerhouse included a 2800-ton central chilling plant and a 1050-BHP steam plant. The design also included the latest technology in room pressure controls for infectious isolation rooms, bone marrow transplant and liver transplant patient care rooms.

The 173,000 GSF outpatient specialty building was completed eight years after the hospital. This new facility is connected to the northeast corner of the hospital and is designed to increase Mayo’s treatment capacity and enhance patient convenience. 29,000 GSF of the building is dedicated to Radiation Oncology and houses four linear accelerators.