Project Description

This 230,000 GSF multi-use facility is located on the campus of Vanderbilt University. The program for this building includes laboratory spaces, cleanrooms, offices, and classrooms. The building includes a basement level and six occupied levels above grade with a penthouse enclosing the mechanical room. An atrium connects the new building to the existing Olin Hall to the east

The design targeted safety as number one priority. Following that, the design team has recognized flexibility, comfort, energy efficiency, reliability and maintainability as equal high priority objectives. With Vanderbilt’s mission to expand interdisciplinary research, this building was designed in many aspects as a laboratory. The building includes chilled beams system for HVAC along with enthalpy wheels that pre-condition air based on the season. The lighting achieves energy savings by an advanced lighting control system and primarily LED lights. With advanced mechanical and electrical design, the Engineering Science Building is the most energy-efficient research building on campus.

This building supports Vanderbilt’s mission to expand interdisciplinary research in bio-medical engineering, recruit nanotechnology and environmental engineering faculty, and create a new undergrad research-focused culture. We believe this building will be a staple on Vanderbilt’s campus for many years to come and we were honored to be apart of it.